Return Policy for Online Courses

During a three-business-day cooling-off period the enrollment contract may be rescinded and all monies paid refunded, commencing with the day the initial payment was made, until midnight of the third business day following such date, excluding Sundays and holidays. The student must personally contact the school or send a written statement of withdrawal delivered by mail or other means in order to get a refund. The student must not have downloaded or copied any course material. The School will retain no more than $200 in tuition or fees as registration charges, or an alternative amount that The School can demonstrate to have been expended in preparation for the student’s enrollment.

Since a student receives materials online immediately upon registration, the refund is applicable ONLY during the three-business-day-cooling-off period. After the three-day-business-day-cooling-off period there is no refund.

If the student has chosen the payment schedule, student’s contractual obligations to The School, at any one time, are limited to fees for four months of training, plus registration or start-up costs not to exceed $200 or an alternative amount The School can demonstrate to have spent in undertaking student’s instruction.

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