Nutritional Herbalist Program

Building upon the foundation of the Family Herbalist course, the Nutritional Herbalist program begins to apply vitalist principles to disease. Study how food can be used as medicine with the nutritional aspects of this program. Understanding the effects of diet changes the perspective of how we react to health and disease. Utilizing the vitalist mindset begin applying what you have learned to help those around you thrive. You will be tested and awarded a certificate at the end of this program.

Courses included in this program

Level 200

As a Vitalist Dr. Christopher had a different way of approaching illness and disease. This course introduces the concepts that he built his practice around.

Level 300

Apply the principles of Vitalism into more serious diseases in this level that builds upon principles previously studied.

Level 400

The way we eat sets the standard for our health. This level examines the foundational importance of whole foods and their role in health

Level 500

Use Dr. Christopher's phrase, "There are no incurable diseases" as a framework to explore the vitalistic way of approaching serious diseases

Full Program Correspondence

- Home Study Course
- Course Materials Shipped to Your Home
- All Coursework Submitted & Graded via Mail
- Certificate Awarded Upon Completion

Full Program Price: $1,100

Full Program Online

- Home Study Course
- Course Materials Accessed Online
- Textbooks Purchased Seperately
- All Coursework Submitted & Graded Online
- Certificate Awarded Upon Completion

Full Program Price: $700

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