Herbalist Program

The Herbalist Program takes you one step closer to using herbs as medicine by building upon the concepts learned in the Family Herbalist program and the Nutritional Herbalist Program. In the Herbalist program you will learn basic concepts of botany, phytochemistry, plant identification, and horticulture. Create your own preparations, and understand the basic history of herbal medicine. Conclude the program by studying directly from Dr. Christopher with rare footage of his lectures. This program adds the knowledge of how to use herbs to the nutrition and diet learned previously. You will be tested and awarded a certificate at the end of this program.

Courses included in this program

Level 600

Learn about topics specific to the health of men and women. Examine issues ranging from menopause to prostate problems.

Level 700

Study Herbal Traditions using Dr. Christopher's formulas and a book by Jethro Kloss.

Level 800

Learn how to identify edible and poisonous plants in their natural habitat, then teach others what you learned by hosting an herb walk

Level 900

Learn the basics of botany by studying structure and terminology. Then use that knowledge to create a botanical plant pressing.

Level 1000

Grow your very own plant using organic gardening principles and create a map for your dream herb garden

Level 1100

Create your own formula after learning how to make, label, and store herbal preparations

Level 1200

Study the language of phytochemistry and the constituents of medicinal plants to have a basic understanding of herbal chemistry

Level 1300

Study at the feet of Dr. Christopher as you learn about his practicum directly from him on video.

Full Program Correspondence

- Home Study Course
- Course Materials Shipped to Your Home
- All Coursework Submitted & Graded via Mail
- Certificate Awarded Upon Completion

Full Program Price: $2,200

Full Program Online

- Home Study Course
- Course Materials Accessed Online
- Textbooks Purchased Seperately
- All Coursework Submitted & Graded Online
- Certificate Awarded Upon Completion

Full Program Price: $1,400

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