Family Herbalist

Level 100

What is the key to great health for you and your family?

The answer is all around you!

Medicinal plants have been used for centuries to keep us healthy. These healing herbs are all around us – in our spice cabinets, refrigerators, gardens, and lawns. The art of using herbs as medicine has stood the test of time and continues today with the School of Natural Healing’s excellent home study programs.

The School of Natural Healing’s Family Herbalist Program – Level 100 is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle health issues for yourself and family in an informed, educated, and independent way.

Take charge of your health by signing up for the Family Herbalist Program today!

The Family Herbalist Program includes:

  • An Herbal Legacy of Courage: A wonderful biography about Dr. John R. Christopher, founder of the School of Natural Healing, and the philosophy behind the teachings of the School.

  • Herbal Home Health Care: This textbook is full of information on different illnesses, protocols and programs to help you and your family take care of your health and prevent illness and disease. Includes a study guide to fill out and submit for grading.

  • Herbs to the Rescue: This book explores how to take care of emergencies using herbs in the wild and at home. Includes a study guide to fill out and submit for grading.

  • Simple Home Remedies: Join David and Fawn Christopher in their kitchen as they show you how to use the herbs and apply different remedies such as fomentations, and poultices. They cover a variety of ways to care for babies, children and adults in various situations. This video includes a study guide to fill out and submit for grading.

  • Fundamentals of Herbology: Join David Christopher in the classroom and learn about using herbs for different diseases and how the body works. This video includes a study guide to fill out and submit for grading.

  • 5 Audio Files from the A Healthier You radio program with David and Fawn Christopher on a variety of topics.

  • Final exam and certificate awarded after successful completion of all coursework.

Enroll at any time. You are given 3 months to complete the Family Herbalist course. Spending an hour a day, five days a week on your studies will ensure you finish within the allotted time.

**The Family Herbalist Program is a pre-requisite for all other courses.


- Home Study Course

- Course Materials Shipped to Your Home

- All Coursework Submitted & Graded via Mail

- Certificate Awarded Upon Completion

- This course will be mailed to you, and you will receive books, study guides, DVD's and CD's

- You will need a DVD player to watch the videos and a CD player to listen to the audio CDs's. These are required assignments to complete the program.

- If you do not have access to a DVD and CD player, please registr for the online program.

Tuition: $495

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- Home Study Course

- Course Materials Accessed Online

- Textbooks Purchased Seperately

- All Coursework Submitted & Graded Online

- Certificate Awarded Upon Completion

Tuition: $495
Discounted price: $295

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