Founded in 1953 by Dr. John R. Christopher
The School of Natural Healing
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Master Herbalist Program
Master Herbalist training from The School of Natural Healing offers you firsthand, personal experience in identifying and using herbs growing in your area. Study materials selected for your geographical region compliment instruction in the Christopher method of natural healing. You will also receive tutoring from qualified herbalists by telephone (toll free in the U.S.). Whether your interest is in a particular skill or in certification, The School of Natural Healing has courses and programs to fit your needs.

Our home study curriculum consists of 22 individual course levels.  These course levels are divided into 4 progressive programs:  The Family Herbalist Program (Level 100), The Nutritional Herbology Program (Levels 200 - 500), The Herbalist Program (Levels 600 - 1300) and The Advanced Herbalist Program (Levels 1400 - 2200).  Students seeking certification as a Master Herbalist must complete all the courses and attend six-days of intensive training at our annual Master Herbalist Certification Seminar.

The Master Herbalist Home Study Program includes an in-depth study and information on the following subjects:

Family Herbalist Program (Level 100)
3 Months to complete

Nutritional Herbalist Program (Levels 200 - 500)
1 year to complete

Level 200 - Fundamentals of Natural Healing
Level 300 - Basic Herbal Healing
Level 400 - Basic Nutrition
Level 500 - Specifics in Herbal Healing

Herbalist Program (Levels 600 - 1300)
1 year to complete

Level 600 - Herbal Health for Women
Level 700 - Introduction to Herbal Traditions
Level 800 - Botany: Introduction
Level 900 - Botany: Identification
Level 1000 - Herbal Horticulture
Level 1100 - Herbal Preparations
Level 1200 - Introduction to Chemistry
Level 1300 - Herbal Practice

Advanced Herbalist Program (Levels 1400 - 2200)
1 year to complete

Level 1400 - Herbal Formulary
Level 1500 - Herbal History
Level 1600 - Herbal Therapies
Level 1700 - Anatomy
Level 1800 - Advanced Botany
Level 1900 - Herbal Chemistry
Level 2000 - Herbal Jurisprudence
Level 2100 - Herb Mastery
Level 2200 - Pharmacognosy

Master Herbalist Certification Seminar
Simple Home Remedies
Vitalistic Principles of Health
Nourishment & Cleansing
The Dr. Christopher Method
Herb Identification
Horticulture & Herb Gardening
Creating & Preparing Herbal Formulas
History of Natural Healing
Teaching the Art of Natural Healing
Chemical Constituents of Herbs
Applications for Master Herbalists
Herbal Pharmacognosy