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Herbalist Course
Levels 600-1300
This program presents in-depth instruction in the use of herbal therapies to remove the cause of disease. Students also receive instruction on herb identification, selection, harvesting, horticulture, usage, herbal formulation and preparation. This program includes enough materials to create your own herbal library.

(The Nutritional Herbalist Program is prerequisite to the Herbalist Program.)

The Herbalist Program has a 1 year schedule and needs to be completed in this time frame.

An Herbalist Diploma will be awarded upon completion of this program.
Level 700  -   Introduction to Herbal Traditions

Included in this level is Jethro Kloss' Back to Eden, a definitive work on natural therapies and health.  The Formula Assignment will help you become more familiar with Dr. Christopher's herbal formulas.

Materials included:
Level 600 - Herbal Health for Women 

Level 600 focuses on health care for women. With the continuing increase of female oriented diseases, this information is important to any serious herbal student and women of all ages. This level discusses herbs that can help relieve menopausal symptoms and how menstrual pain can be avoided using natural remedies. Time-tested information is also shared by a practicing midwife, expounding on subjects such as natural childbirth, what supplements to take during pregnancy, and raising healthy and happy children.

Materials included:
Back to Eden text by Jethro Kloss
Study guide for Back to Eden
100 Herb List
Dr. Christopher Formula Assignment
Level 900  -  Herb Botany

Level 900 gives the student a basic understanding of herb botany. Universal botanical terms are necessary for communication in the herbal field. A basic understanding of plant structure creates a foundation for advanced herbal study. This course provides the student with hands on training in collecting and pressing plant samples for further study.

Materials included:
Level 800  -  Herb Identification

Level 800 expands the ability of the student to identify many common herbs growing around them by recognizing unique characteristics of each plant shown on The Herb Walk video tape. Le Arta Moulton gives clues to tell the difference between many edible plants and poisonous plant look-alikes. The ability to identify medicinal plant species increases self-reliance and gives the student confidence when gathering herbs in the wild.

Materials included:
Regional Field Guide (specific to your area)
The Herb Walk Video with LeArta Moulton (1.5 hour DVD)
The Herb Walk Manual by LeArta Moulton
Study Guide for The Herb Walk Video
Botany for Gardeners text by Brian Capon
Botany video with Kaye Thorne (2 hour DVD)
Botany with Kaye Thorne workbook
Plant Pressing Assignment
Plant pressing paper
Level 1200  -  Introduction to Herbal Chemistry

This level is designed for anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of how medicinal plants work.  Step by step the student will be introduced to the language of phytochemistry and gain an understanding of the personalities and activities of the constituents in medicinal plants. Terminology such as bonding, polarity, functional groups, isomers and more are taught. An understanding will be gained in areas that are of most concern to an Herbalist, the solubility and extraction of herbal constituents, solvent polarity and other influences on solubility, phytochemical stability and reactivity in extracts, the synergy in herbs and formulas and the role of standardization.

Materials included:
Level 1100  -  Herbal Preparations

Level 1100 gives the student a foundation in herbal self-sufficiency by showing them how to make herbal preparations. Teas, fomentations, poultices, ointments, extracts, tinctures, oils, and liniments are described and demonstrated by Master Herbalist, Debra St. Claire (SNH graduate). Debra demonstrates the procedures as students follow along in the lab manual. The Formulation/Preparation assignment requires students to develop and produce original formulas. Many students find themselves making herbal preparations for fun and/or profit after completing this level.

Materials include:
Level 1000  -  Herbal Horticulture

The object of Level 1000 is to teach the student how to organically grow herbs and foods. Students will gain valuable insights on growing herbs and assessing the environment before and after herbs are planted. The horticulture assignment will give the student an opportunity to experience for themselves how to grow herbs and design an herb garden of their own.

Materials included:
Growing and Using Herbs Successfully text by Betty Jacobs
Study guide for Growing and Using Herbs Successfully
Principles of Organic Gardening (30 minute video)
Horticulture Assignment
Herbal Preparation and Natural Therapies DVDs with Debra St. Claire (4 hours)
Lab Workbook for Herbal Preparation and Natural Therapies DVDs
Formulation and Preparation Assignment
Level 1300  -  Herbal Practice

Level 1300 is a one of a kind video course containing one of the only recordings of the late Dr. Christopher. Students learn at the feet of one of the greatest herbalists of this century as he expounds on a variety of topics including future plagues, cleansing the body, backyard remedies, distilled water, incurable diseases, and the Cold Sheet Treatment. Dr. Christopher also discusses many herbs such as plantain, Oregon grape root, sassafras, garlic, mullein, and chaparral. Each video is filled with case histories, exciting stories and useful information from Dr. Christopher's own life experiences.

Materials included:
Herbal Constituents - Foundations of Phytochemistry by Lisa Ganora
Study guide for Herbal Constituents
Dr. Christopher's Herbalist Seminar DVDs sessions 1-8
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Every Woman's Herbal text by Dr. Christopher and Cathy Gileadi
Study guide for Every Woman's Herbal
Women's Health with Sandra Ellis (2 hour DVD)
Diet and Pregnancy (1 hour CD)