Founded in 1953 by Dr. John R. Christopher
The School of Natural Healing
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When do classes start and how do I enroll?

A: Because we have a correspondence and online courses, people enroll every day at The School of Natural Healing.  You can Enroll online or visit the Contact Us page to get in contact with a registrar.

Q: What should I do if I run out of time for my course?

A: You can extend your time by purchasing an extension here

Q: What happened to the Be Your Own Doctor course?

A:  The Be Your Own Doctor course was discontinued June 1, 2003.  It was replaced with the Family Herbalist Program, which has more materials and comes with a certificate.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Master Herbalist course?

A: It is a three year program, however, we have had students finish it as quick as 1 1/2 years.

Q: Can I call The School of Natural Healing if I have a question on the course material?

A: Yes, The School of Natural Healing has full-time student advisers trained to assist the student as they work through the course.
Q: What sets The School of Natural Healing apart from other herbal schools?

A: Our school invites leading experts from around the country to teach at our campus. This expert instruction is part of our correspondence course in the form of books, DVDs and CDs. Students graduate from our course with a library of course material, including 22 books, 34 DVDs  and 26 CDs... more than any other course.

Q: What can an Herbalist legally do in the United States?

A: Herbalists can educate and instruct in the historical usage of herbs, whether by writing books and magazine articles, talking to clients at a clinic or health food store, lecturing or working with family. Herbalists do not diagnose illness or prescribe medicine.
Q: Can I still get video tapes and audio tapes instead of DVD's and CD's?

A: No - the video tapes and audio tapes are no longer available. 

Q: Will I have to pay a customs charge? (International Students)

A: That depends on the country that you live in.  If you have to pay customs charges on other items, you will have to pay them on your school course.