Founded in 1953 by Dr. John R. Christopher
The School of Natural Healing
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Course Material List
The following is a list of materials included with each level.  Any item that is in bold needs to be purchased separately for online courses.

Level 100 - Family Herbalist
Herbal Home Health Care text by Dr. Christopher
Study guide for Herbal Home Health Care
An Herbal Legacy of Courage text by David Christopher
Herbs to the Rescue by Kurt King
Study guide for Herbs to the Rescue
Fundamentals of Herbology (2 hour DVD)
Simple Home Remedies (1 hour DVD)
Study guide for Fundamentals of Herbology and Simple Home Remedies
Internal Cleansing (1 hour audio CD)
Safety of Herbs (1 hour audio CD)
Vaccines & More Vaccines CD (a total of about 4 hours of vaccine information)
Master Herbalists Speak (1 hour audio CD)
Level 200  -  Fundamentals of Natural Healing
Herbal History (1.5 hour DVD)
Super Immunity (1.3 hour DVD)
Study guide for the Vitalist Seminar Videos
How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor text by Dr. Robert Mendhelsohn, MD
Study guide for How to Raise a Healthy Child
Dr. Christopher's New Herb Lectures (10 hrs. of audio CDs)
A Healthier You CD album containing 10 programs on various health topics (10
Level 300  -  Basic Herbal Healing
Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? text by Neil Z. Miller
Study guide for Vaccines are They Really Safe and Effective?
Women's Health (1.3 hour DVD)
Men's Health (1.3 hour DVD)
Children's Health (2 hour DVD)
Herbal Midwifery with Dianne Bjarnson (1.5 hour DVD)
Dr. Mom text by Sandra Ellis
Study guide for Dr. Mom
Level 400  -  Nutritional Healing
Transfiguration Diet text by Little Green Inc.
Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman
Study guides for Transfiguration Diet and Eat to Live
Mucusless Diet Assignment
Level 500  -  Specifics in Herbal Healing
Auto Immune Diseases (1 hour DVD)
Emotional Immunity (1.5 hour DVD)
Cancer Concerns (1.5 hour DVD)
Controlling Diabetes (1 hour DVD)
Level 600 - Herbal Health for Women 
Every Woman's Herbal text by Dr. Christopher and Cathy Gileadi
Study guide for Every Woman's Herbal
Women's Health with Sandra Ellis (2 hour DVD)
Diet and Pregnancy (1 hour CD)
Level 700  -   Introduction to Herbal Traditions
Back to Eden text by Jethro Kloss
Study guide for Back to Eden
100 Herb List
Dr. Christopher Formula Assignment
Level 800  -  Herb Identification
Regional Field Guide (specific to your area)
The Herb Walk Video with LeArta Moulton (1.5 hour DVD)
The Herb Walk Manual by LeArta Moulton
Study Guide for The Herb Walk Video
Level 900  -  Herb Botany
Botany for Gardeners text by Brian Capon
Botany video with Kaye Thorne (2 hour DVD)
Botany with Kaye Thorne workbook
Plant Pressing Assignment
Plant pressing paper
Level 1000  -  Herbal Horticulture
Growing and Using Herbs Successfully text by Betty Jacobs
Study guide for Growing and Using Herbs Successfully
Principles of Organic Gardening (30 minute video)
Horticulture Assignment
Level 1100  -  Herbal Preparations
Herbal Preparation and Natural Therapies DVDs with Debra St. Claire (4 hours)
Lab Workbook for Herbal Preparation and Natural Therapies DVDs
Formulation and Preparation Assignment
Level 1200  -  Introduction to Chemistry
Herbal Constituents - Foundations of Phytochemistry
Study guide for Herbal Constituents
Level 1300  -  Herbal Practice
Dr. Christopher's Herbalist Seminar DVDs sessions 1-8
Study Guide for Herbalist Seminar DVDs
Level 1400  -  Herbal Formulary
School of Natural Healing text by Dr. Christopher
Study Guide for School of Natural Healing
Herbal Virucide and Hydrotherapy (2 hour DVD)
Cold Sheet Treatment booklet by Dr. Christopher
Level 1500  -  Herbal History
Green Pharmacy text by Barbara Griggs
Study Guide for Green Pharmacy
A Modern Herbal: Volumes 1&2 by Mrs. M. Grieve
History Assignment
Level 1600  -  Herbal Therapies
Herbal Therapies DVDs with Richard Schulze M.H. (20 hours)
Richard Schulze Teacher's Notes
Teaching assignment
Level 1700  -  Anatomy
The Human Body in Health and Disease text by Memmler-Cohen-Wood
Study guide for The Human Body in Health and Disease
Level 1800  -  Advanced Botany
Botany in a Day by Thomas J. Elpel
Study Guide for Botany in a Day
List of Family groups of the 100 herb syllabus
Taxonomy and Herb Description Assignment
Level 1900  -  Herbal Chemistry
Herbal Chemical Constituents DVDs with Christopher Hobbs (7 hours)
Medicinal Plant Constituents Workbook
Herbal Chemistry Assignment
Drug Substitution Assignment
Level 2000  -  Herbal Jurisprudence
Jurisprudence DVDs with David Christopher M.H. (14 hours)
Jurisprudence assignment
Level 2100  -  Herbal Mastery
Complete Works of Dr. Christopher CD-Rom
Herbal Research Assignment
Thesis Assignment
Level 2200  -  Pharmacognosy
Green Pharmacy text by James Duke
Pharmacognosy DVDs with James Duke (4 hours)
Pharmacognosy Assignment