Founded in 1953 by Dr. John R. Christopher
The School of Natural Healing
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Information About The School of Natural Healing
Many students of The School of Natural Healing enroll simply for personal enrichment; others use their education in the alternative health field.

All of our students become a great help to their family, friends and neighbors by applying the concepts of natural healing taught in our course.

Graduates of The School of Natural Healing are doing many things such as:

* Developing and marketing their own herbal preparations
* Consulting for major supplement manufacturers
* Working as nutritional consultants in health food stores
* Free lance writing for health magazines
* Authoring herb and health books
* Instructing at alternative medical schools
* Operating health food stores
* Giving phone tutorials on herbal topics
* Lecturing at conventions and symposiums
* Teaching classes all over the world

We do not provide placement assistance.