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The School of Natural Healing
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Advanced Herbalist Course
Levels 1400-2200
This Program will give you the skills to become a qualified teacher of Herbology. As more people seek natural health, the need for competent educators increases in a variety of health related areas. The Advanced Herbalist Program provides the training to place you on the highest level of herbal competency. The course study provides instruction from the highest-qualified herbal practitioners and herbal pharmacists in the field.

The Advanced Herbalist Program has a 1 year schedule and needs to be completed in this time frame.

Final examinations are only administered at the Master Herbalist Certification Seminar held annually at our facilities.
Level 1400  -  Herbal Formulary

Level 1400 begins the shift into advanced realms of herbal study. Students begin here with Dr. Christopher's most comprehensive herbal text, School of Natural Healing. This text includes an in depth study of over 110 herbs, including their Latin and common names, medicinal usage, case histories, and more. It also includes symptoms, causes, and natural treatments for over 80 disease conditions.

As an added bonus, recipes for all of Dr. Christopher's formulas are included in this book. This course also provides instruction on the Cold Sheet Treatment and hydrotherapy, the most inexpensive and useful therapy for viral infections.

Materials included:
School of Natural Healing text by Dr. Christopher
Study Guide for School of Natural Healing
Herbal Virucide and Hydrotherapy (2 hour DVD)
Cold Sheet Treatment booklet by Dr. Christopher
Level 1500  -  Herbal History

Unlike modern medicine, which becomes outdated every few years as new knowledge is gained, herbal knowledge has remained consistent throughout the ages. This level enlightens the student to the vast and proud history of herbalism. Students discover the ancient roots of herbalism and the history behind modern medicine.

Materials included:
Green Pharmacy text by Barbara Griggs
Study Guide for Green Pharmacy
A Modern Herbal: Volumes 1&2 by Mrs. M. Grieve
History Assignment
Level 1600  -  Herbal Therapies

Richard Schulze, M.H. (SNH graduate), began teaching with The School of Natural Healing after studying under Dr. Christopher for many years. Richard's straightforward herbal approach has made him a popular herbalist. His lectures inspire students to further their education and use their knowledge to heal. Nearly 20 hours of video include Richard discussing his own start in the health field, case histories from his clinic and many other fascinating stories.

Materials included:
Herbal Therapies DVDs with Richard Schulze M.H. (20 hours)
Richard Schulze Teacher's Notes
Teaching assignment
Level 1700  -  Anatomy

Understanding the workings and physiological makeup of the human body is essential in working with the body toward complete healing. This course offers college level anatomy training in the functions of the organ systems and how they relate to each other. A specific emphasis is placed on applying herbal healing to the common diseases of each organ.

Materials included:
The Human Body in Health and Disease text by Memmler-Cohen-Wood
Study guide for The Human Body in Health and Disease
Level 1800  -  Advanced Botany

Level 1800 builds upon the botanical knowledge received in Level 900. Students are instructed in identifying various plant families and describing herbs using botanical terms. This level of understanding is essential for those students who want to communicate professionally with people in their field or understand writings and articles about herbs.

Materials included:
Botany in a Day by Thomas J. Elpel
Botany in a Day Study Guide
List of Family groups of the 100 herb syllabus
Taxonomy and Herb Description Assignment
Level 1900  -  Herbal Chemistry

Christopher Hobbs shares his unique knowledge of the chemistry behind herbs in Level 1900. Gaining a better understanding of how herbs work and their effect upon the human body enables herbalists to provide better information for their clients. Christopher Hobbs brings a new perspective to herbal medicine by merging science and nature in an effort to understand plants and their healing properties.

Materials included:
Herbal Chemical Constituents DVDs with Christopher Hobbs (7 hours)
Medicinal Plant Constituents Workbook
Herbal Chemistry Assignment
Drug Substitution Assignment
Level 2000  -  Herbal Jurisprudence

Master Herbalist David Christopher rounds off the Master Herbalist training by sharing his firsthand accounts as a practicing herbalist. David defines the legal limits an herbalist must work within when educating the public. He also teaches methods of putting together a successful herbal practice without falling into the trap of prescribing or diagnosing.

Materials included:
Jurisprudence DVDs with David Christopher M.H. (14 hours)
Jurisprudence assignment
Level 2100  -  Herbal Mastery

In Level 2100 the Herbal Research Assignment and 100 Herb Syllabus gives students in-depth information on common herbs. Full color pictures and excellent descriptions make this syllabus one of the students most valued reference manuals. Student will also use their knowledge and reference material as they complete the thesis assignment.

Materials included:
Herb Syllabus book
Herbal Research Assignment
Thesis Assignment
Level 2200  -  Pharmacognosy

Level 2200 deals with plant chemistry and how it affects the human body. Students will learn from Dr. James Duke, a master of ethnobotany. Dr. James Duke gives information on how herbs work and why. Also discussed are Dr. Duke's remedies for the following ailments: allergies, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, asthma, body odor, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, cataracts, depression, hypothyroidism, vaginitis, wrinkles and more.

Materials included:
Green Pharmacy by James Duke
Pharmacognosy DVDs with James Duke (4 hours)
Pharmacognosy Assignment
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