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Level 100  -  Family Herbalist
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Level 100 - Family Herbalist - is a pre-requisite to all other courses.

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Master Herbalist Programs Tuition
Correspondence: Level 100
Family Herbalist - $495

Online: Level 100
Family Herbalist - $495 $295
Master Herbalist Program (Levels 100-2200)

NOTE: Price does not include Master Herbalist Seminar
Correspondence: Levels 100-2200
Complete Master Herbalist Program - $6,695

Nutritional Herbalist Program (Levels 200-500)
Correspondence: Levels 200-500
Nutritional Herbalist - $1,100
Online: Levels 200-500
Nutritional Herbalist - $700
(some books will need to be purchased separately).
Herbalist Program (Levels 600-1300)
Correspondence: Levels 600-1300
Herbalist Program - $2,200
Online: Levels 600-1300
Herbalist Program - $1,400
(some books will need to be purchased separately).
Advanced Herbalist Program (Levels 1400-2200)
Correspondence: Levels 1400-2200
Advanced Herbalist Program - $2,475
Online: Levels 1400-2200
Advanced Herbalist Program  - $1,575
(some books will need to be purchased separately).
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