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Intermediate Iridology
Level 2
Course Level 2 includes 32 hours of instruction from Dr. David Pesek on high quality DVD. Materials include study book, notebook with lessons, full color handouts, charts, and information.

In this course you will learn:
This course is prerequisite to attending the Level 3 Iridology Seminar.

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Constitutional typing & related diathesis
The brain flares of Iridology & related thought/emotional patterns
Early assessment of conditions & accumulations in body tissues
Treatment of conditions & accumulations
Extensvie training in reading a "live eye"
Metabolic pigments (psora) and their relationship to the various organs
Understanding the iris and the zone map
Interrelationship of the organs, glands, thoughts, and emotions to a belief system
Brief introduction to sclerology (reading the white eye)
More information on natural treatments from a holistic perspective
Transversal fibers & their reflection of tissue health
Deeper aspects of how eyes reveal thought & emotional patterns of personality
Further understanding of nutritional requirements through analysis of the eyes.