Founded in 1953 by Dr. John R. Christopher
The School of Natural Healing
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School of Natural Healing Community
Do you want to chat with other students of The School of Natural Healing about your studies?

Are you interested in discussing herbal topics with other like-minded people?

Are you looking to get help for different health situations that come up?

Come join our community on our bulletin board!  Join today!  We have built this area for you to meet and converse with other students of The School of Natural Healing and people interested in using herbs to live better and healthier lives. 

Please Note:

* The School of Natural Healing is not responsible for any information offered in this community.  This is an open forum for discussion and education.  Any medical condition should be referred to for guidance from a proper medical practitioner.

* We ask that all participants remember that herbalists do not diagnose or prescribe and ask that you do the same.

* All participants are asked to use appropriate language in all the areas here.  If The School receives any complaints regarding inappropriate message board behavior, your activity will be suspended and blocked.

* Dr. Christopher said "There are no incurable diseases, but at times there are incurable people."  If you have no intention of trying any of the processes that our community discusses, please do not post questions here.

* Do not use this forum to sell any products, herbal or otherwise.  Any links to sites selling herbal products will be removed.