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College of Iridology
Learn the ancient practice of assessing current health conditions in the body in your own home.

This comprehensive home study program offers a fully informative and detailed look at the science and practice of Iridology. Beginning at basic levels and moving forward to advanced understandings of this art, the student will gain a wonderful knowledge of revealing levels of health, inflammation and degeneration within the human body.

Through the medium of video, Dr. David Pesek enlightens and entertains as he shares his vast understanding of the analysis of the iris. With over 20 hours of video at your disposal, books and workbooks, you can quickly and effectively learn to use the combination of Iridology, Nutrition and Tissue Cleansing to promote harmonized well-being: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

You must complete each course before starting the next.

Pre-Requisites: The Family Herbalist program and the Anatomy Level from the Master Herbalist program are required for the Iridology program.  You can enroll in these courses when you enroll in the Iridology program, or you can take them as part of the Master Herbalist program.

The Iridology home study course has three sections:

1) Basic Iridology

2) Intermediate Iridology

3) Advanced Iridology seminar

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